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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Holiday! Celebrate!

Madonna has so many great hits that she's decided to release a THIRD hits collection, entitled Celebration. The album is her last for Warners and is in no way some kind of 'will this do', contract fulfilling gesture with little artistic merit. Hell, it's Madonna, she's got more integrity then that.

Either way, it means there's some new Madonna material to go with it, which is usually a good thing. The first single is also called 'Celebration' and as if to prove that she doesn't just work with hot, young producers, it's produced by Paul Oakenfold.

It's back to the dancefloor after that mostly misjudged foray into 'urban' with Timbaland and Pharrell. It suits her much better in our opinion. Rumour has it that the video will feature Madonna's daughter Lourdes recreating scenes from the 'Like A Virgin' video, which is some insane, Freudian nightmare made flesh.

EDIT: The video has been removed. Boo Madonna, boo!

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  1. wow this song is so good. it sounds like her earlier days