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Monday, 27 July 2009

Kiss with a fist

Friendly Fires were recently shortlisted for the Lemington Spa All-day Breakfast challenge, which saw ten acts compete to cook the perfect fried breakfast. Results won't be known until September but we're all incredibly excited.

In the meantime, they've decided to release some new music in the shape of 'Kiss Of Life', produced by 'man of the moment' Paul Epworth. The single isn't on the current version of thier self-titled debut, but we wouldn't be too surprised to find it on a re-released version some time soon (August 31 to be precise). The single is a jolly old romp that features lots of tribal drums, some synths and a chorus sung in a sweet falsetto.

Here's the video. Look out for some properly jaw-dropping dance moves from singer Ed Macfarlane, especially around the 3 minute 40 mark where he throws caution to the wind and sets loose his inner diva.

We were talking to someone from near St Albans in Hertfordshire (where Friendly Fires are from) and he said it's the most straight-laced part in the country and that the band were three dullards pretending to be cool. In many ways, it's part of their charm.

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