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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lightning strikes thrice?

Remember when the Arctic Monkeys were like The Beatles or something? Getting mobbed at supermarkets, selling records by the lorry load, receiving plaudits for tying their laces. We like them, don't get it twisted, but it seems odd remembering how doolally everyone went. After all that Last Shadow Puppets malarkey, Alex Turner and his band of (not so) merry men are back with a new single, entitled 'Crying Lightning'.

The album, Humbug, was produced by Josh Homme from QOTSA and James Ford from Simian Mobile Disco, and from the swampy, bass-heavy dirge* that is 'Crying Lightning' we're assuming Homme had the reigns for this one. It sounds a bit non-descript first time round, there's no real chorus as such, and it's not as instant as all those old ones, but it gets better second time round. Nice pick 'n' mix-themed lyrics too. He's, like, a real poet, isn't he?

* in the nicest possible sense of that word.

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