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Monday, 6 July 2009

Air o soul

For some French duo Air are simply the Moby it's OK to like. For others, their seminal album Moon Safari is the soundtrack to many a lazy Sunday morning, eating french toast and reading The Observer. For a minority of people, follow-up 10,000 Hz Legend was actually the point they got interesting, and the promise that forthcoming album, Love 2, means a return to Moon Safari-esque swoonsome pop may be a disappoint for these lonely few.

Anywho, they're back and are offering up the first fruits of their labour for free! The fools, has the recession not reached France? This is called 'Do The Joy' and is apparently not the actual first single, but rather a taster for what's in store come October. So, what is in store? Well, there's shimmering keyboards, vintage synths, a heavily treated vocal and the general sense that Air's beating heart exists below a pane of perspex.

You need to click here to enter your email to then get a code, which you'll need to put into a box on the iTunes store and then download the song. Alternatively, you can just buy it for 79p and get on with your life.

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