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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Bloc rockin' beats

Having watched most of Glastonbury and T In The Park from the relative comfort of a dusty flat in West London, we decided two things; 1). Flags are fucking annoying and 2). Bloc Party are much better live then they are on record. We mentioned new single 'One More Chance' a few weeks ago. Amazingly, the band have decided to film and release a short montage of images to accompany the song, we think in order to raise awareness of the single in the hope of it selling a few more copies. Pretty radical all told:

We read elsewhere that this video in some way reflected the band's new-found humour. To be honest, it's no Horne & Cordon. There's a fairly obvious David Lynch quality to it all and the guy at the beginning has some brilliant facial hair, but other then that we found very little to laugh about. Great song though. Look what can be achieved when you write a song with a chorus, a hook and a melody.

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