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Monday, 6 July 2009

What about the elephants?

The death of Michael Jackson seems to have brought out the worst in some people. Not only do we have to endure rolling news coverage in which Jean from Tescos gets asked what she thought were the reasons behind his alleged addiction to prescription drugs, but there's also the tabloid headlines ('Jackson buried without his brain' was the low point of today's coverage). What about the music, man? Well, thankfully Jackson's hits are still taking up a fair amount of space in the UK top 75. Unfortunately, the great British public chose to buy the new single by Cascada as opposed to 'Man In The Mirror', preventing Jackson from having a posthumous number 1, for now at least.

But, what does this magnum opus sound like I hear you cry? Surely, it's some kind of pop classic to deny 'Man In The Mirror'? Well, it's not, it's this:

It's Lady GaGa for people who find the real thing that bit too complex. Cheers guys.

To make matter worse, one of Vampire Weekend and some other dude have joined 'forces' as Discovery. It's basically a way of creating modern-day R&B but in an ironic, too-clever-by-half kind of way. You probably won't understand it to be honest. Anyway, they've covered the Jackson 5 classic, 'I Want You Back'.

It's too early for Jackson to be turning in his grave, surely?

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