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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Musick in the press

Before we ran off to live in a field for a few days we forgot to mention that this humble music blog was about to appear in a national newspaper. That's right, Musick's name has been emblazoned across the chest of a page 3 stunner in The Sun! Of course it hasn't, we're far too highbrow for that. Instead we made an appearance in The Guardian Guide on Saturday, having helped them out with a little something something on La Toya Jackson and her magnum opus, 'He's My Brother'. You need proof, we've got it:

Fame at last. Now, if only we knew someone who worked at The Guardian who could make this a regular thing...

Not only did we whore ourselves out to a national paper (well, a TV guide that comes with a national paper), we also discovered that we're in fact the 49th Best Music Blog according to the BT Digital Music Awards. Amazing. See the full list here.

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