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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Remedy the situation

The problem with the Little Boots campaign thus far is that they a). chose the wrong single to launch with, then b). gave said single an alienating, 'arthouse' (in pop terms) video and c). the album doesn't age well, even after a few weeks. The fact that it entered high (no. 5) then dropped out of the top 40 two weeks later doesn't bode well, but 'Remedy', the second single, should fix things.

For one it's a massive pop belter with a great, stuttering intro that TV pluggers will piss themselves over and it has at least two choruses. Plus, for the video the label have realised what people liked about Little Boots in the first place which was that despite all the glitz and glamour she was a bit of a nerd and liked nothing more then playing cover versions on her keyboard in her pyjamas. This video is a much more glossy version of that, only this isn't a cover and she's not playing it live...

The single is out on the 17 August and was produced by RedOne who is responsible for Lady GaGa.

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