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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Holiday! Celebrate!

Madonna has so many great hits that she's decided to release a THIRD hits collection, entitled Celebration. The album is her last for Warners and is in no way some kind of 'will this do', contract fulfilling gesture with little artistic merit. Hell, it's Madonna, she's got more integrity then that.

Either way, it means there's some new Madonna material to go with it, which is usually a good thing. The first single is also called 'Celebration' and as if to prove that she doesn't just work with hot, young producers, it's produced by Paul Oakenfold.

It's back to the dancefloor after that mostly misjudged foray into 'urban' with Timbaland and Pharrell. It suits her much better in our opinion. Rumour has it that the video will feature Madonna's daughter Lourdes recreating scenes from the 'Like A Virgin' video, which is some insane, Freudian nightmare made flesh.

EDIT: The video has been removed. Boo Madonna, boo!

Blast furnace(s)

Imagine for a second that so-called 'cool' indie bands had their own version of Heat magazine. For a start it would be called Chaud or Sweat, and it would focus on the personal lives of these real artists, ones that write their own songs. If such a thing were to exist then Eleanor Friedberger from The Fiery Furnaces would be most famous for stepping out with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand. Imagine the shots of them reading Bukowski in an uptown cafe or stumbling out of a beautifully dishevelled hotel.

Luckily, such a thing doesn't exist and we're not even sure they're still together, but who cares because it's all about the MUSIC. Unfortunately, The Fiery Furnaces have a habit of making music that needs to be endured rather than enjoyed. One of their albums was sung by their grandmother, another was a live album that stretched to over fifty songs. Their latest opus, I'm Going Away, has, you know, some tunes and stuff, which is nice. Not to be left behind on the pretentious front though, the band have since decided to re-record the album twice, with Eleanor making a version and brother Matthew making another.

This is a very good video for a song called 'Charmaine Champagne':

The album is very much a return to form. Expect to see Eleanor puking outside The Ivy very soon.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Kiss with a fist

Friendly Fires were recently shortlisted for the Lemington Spa All-day Breakfast challenge, which saw ten acts compete to cook the perfect fried breakfast. Results won't be known until September but we're all incredibly excited.

In the meantime, they've decided to release some new music in the shape of 'Kiss Of Life', produced by 'man of the moment' Paul Epworth. The single isn't on the current version of thier self-titled debut, but we wouldn't be too surprised to find it on a re-released version some time soon (August 31 to be precise). The single is a jolly old romp that features lots of tribal drums, some synths and a chorus sung in a sweet falsetto.

Here's the video. Look out for some properly jaw-dropping dance moves from singer Ed Macfarlane, especially around the 3 minute 40 mark where he throws caution to the wind and sets loose his inner diva.

We were talking to someone from near St Albans in Hertfordshire (where Friendly Fires are from) and he said it's the most straight-laced part in the country and that the band were three dullards pretending to be cool. In many ways, it's part of their charm.


We've not seen enough of Big Brother this year to know who Angel is exactly. What we can tell just from her advert in last week's NME is that a). She's got that androgynous, almost other-worldly quality that all pop stars must have (think David Bowie) and b). she's got lovely gloves. So, if there are any record company executives, producers, managers or session musicians out there and you want to be part of something amazing then do ring that number. Don't be shy, Angel won't be around forever.

We double dare you to ring the number! Imagine if she picked it up and spoke to you! Eek!

New Musick Monday

OK, we're back after a well-earned break to bring you some more essential purchases for this week...only, it's not really us doing the recommending, you'll see. Last week we urged you to purchase Mpho's brilliant 'Box N Locks' and you know what, no-one did. Well, some people did seeing as it crawled into the chart at no. 49, but still, it hardly seems worth it. Shame on you all.

This week is another pretty barren week for albums, but there was one that caught our eye. Normally we'd fudge it, pretend we'd heard it and judge it based on the specific act's back catalogue. This time, however, we decided to get a real journalist involved, one that has actually heard the album. Ladies and gentleman, we introduce Jake Kennedy...


Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast by Cornershop

Eight years – eight long years since the last Cornershop album. Don’t giggle – lots of people have missed them, this writer included. Here’s a a duo with an ethos that hasn’t changed in the 18 years they’ve been together. To make boundary-free good time music – and Judy has it in spades. Their fifth album isn’t so much eclectic as schizophrenic.
There’s the usual T-Rex riffing 'Who Fingered Rock’n’Roll?'/'The Roll Off Characteristics', Rowetta-tinged funk 'The turned On Truth' and plenty of sweet ass little segues that make it feel more than just a 12” remix spread over an hour. A cover of 'The Mighty Quinn' sticks out as one question mark – at least when they did 'Norwegian Wood' it was in Punjabi – 'Quinn' here sounds a little bit like a step backwards. But everything else is vital sounding (although 2004’s 'Topknot', would have fitted well) – so yes, they’ve still got it.
There. I didn’t mention “Brimful” once….

Jake has a blog, which will one day house his stories. For now it's got some lovely photos on it. It's called Rubber Echoes.


The Best of Sandi Thom

Stretching the concept of a 'best of' to its absolute limits. Popjustice.com sum up the ridiculousness of it all better then we can so click here.


'Heartbreaker' by MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend

We nearly managed to palm the entire section off on to other people, but we thought it best to do some actual work of our own. This is a rather nice electropop ditty by two men who don't like vowels and who used to be in other bands but aren't anymore. The singing is done by a certain John Legend who has thus far failed to live up to his surname. This isn't going to change that, but it certainly is a diverting four minutes and that's probably all we can hope for right now. This is the video. We think the guy with the sunglasses on has taken some drugs, so don't let anyone who is easily offended walk down Camden High Street.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Running up that hill

It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Jay-Z's forthcoming new album, The Blueprint III, surely has no more secrets to reveal come release time? So far, we've had the one that mentioned Noel Gallagher, the one about Obama, that other one with Santigold on it and finally the one dissing Autotune. Well, none of these are the official first single, that comes in the shape of 'Run This Town', which features Rihanna on the chorus and Kanye West rapping sans Autotune.

It's alright. The beat has that marching-band motif that 'Jesus Walks' has, and hearing a guitar over the top is a nice surprise, but Jay-Z sounds a bit bored and Kanye West says the following; "she got an ass that will swallow up a g-string, and up top two bee stings". Rihanna is the real star of the show, delivering the chorus in that kind of dead-eyed way she's perfected.

There are more surprises on the album of course - MGMT also make an appearance!

Remedy the situation

The problem with the Little Boots campaign thus far is that they a). chose the wrong single to launch with, then b). gave said single an alienating, 'arthouse' (in pop terms) video and c). the album doesn't age well, even after a few weeks. The fact that it entered high (no. 5) then dropped out of the top 40 two weeks later doesn't bode well, but 'Remedy', the second single, should fix things.

For one it's a massive pop belter with a great, stuttering intro that TV pluggers will piss themselves over and it has at least two choruses. Plus, for the video the label have realised what people liked about Little Boots in the first place which was that despite all the glitz and glamour she was a bit of a nerd and liked nothing more then playing cover versions on her keyboard in her pyjamas. This video is a much more glossy version of that, only this isn't a cover and she's not playing it live...

The single is out on the 17 August and was produced by RedOne who is responsible for Lady GaGa.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

We thought this was a joke!

When we first mentioned this song we thought it was something Kid Cudi and friends had knocked up as some kind of 'hilarious' response to Lady GaGa's 'Poker Face'. It's not a joke though, it's actually Kid Cudi's next single and has now, thankfully, been re-named 'Make Her Say'.

The video is pretty good, utilizing a nice split screen effect and probably loads of film reference that we're too young (ahem) to notice. Even the song sounds better now, that beat popping more then it did when we were distracted by the sex abuse (poking it in her face!?). Common's verse is still a major let down, even if he does somehow have a "conscious dick".

Mos definitely

Monday was all a bit of a blur and we bleated on about the fact that there were no good albums out this week, blah, blah, blah. We were wrong of course. The Ecstatic by Mos Def is in most good record shops (i.e. HMV as it's the only one left) now and it's possibly the best Hip Hop album we've heard since Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury.

Featuring production from Madlib, J Dilla (didn't he die a little while ago now?) and The Neptunes, it's an album packed full of socially conscious wordplay, humour and enough banging beats to makes you realise that rap need not begin and end with the Black Eyed Peas.

This is 'Twilite Speedball', produced by The Neptunes:

Which chump said The Neptunes couldn't produce for shit anymore? Idiots.

Even better is this, Quiet Dog (Bite Hard):

It's enough to get this white arse gyrating like a mad man.

Musick in the press

Before we ran off to live in a field for a few days we forgot to mention that this humble music blog was about to appear in a national newspaper. That's right, Musick's name has been emblazoned across the chest of a page 3 stunner in The Sun! Of course it hasn't, we're far too highbrow for that. Instead we made an appearance in The Guardian Guide on Saturday, having helped them out with a little something something on La Toya Jackson and her magnum opus, 'He's My Brother'. You need proof, we've got it:

Fame at last. Now, if only we knew someone who worked at The Guardian who could make this a regular thing...

Not only did we whore ourselves out to a national paper (well, a TV guide that comes with a national paper), we also discovered that we're in fact the 49th Best Music Blog according to the BT Digital Music Awards. Amazing. See the full list here.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Preston North End

Woah, look what's happened to Preston from The Ordinary Boys/ Chantelle fame. He's been bitten by the '80s bug, which is unfortunate because Lord knows no-one cares for that particular decade at the moment. What terrible timing on his part. This is his new single, 'Dressed To Kill', and, weirdly, not only does it feature the word 'kill' in the title (just like La Roux!) the video features a lot of black and red (just like La Roux!). Ah, the '80s...

It's a long way from this isn't it?

Is that a good thing? Answers on a postcard to We Preferred That Song They Did With Lady Sovereign, PO Box 925, London.

New Musick Monday

The tired edition.

Oh dear oh dear. Sun burnt of face and smelly of pits we have returned just in time to bring you a decidedly truncated version of everyone's favourite weekly guide to what's 'hot' and what's 'not' in the world of music. Last week wasn't exactly a corker in terms of sales with V.V. Brown's album entering at number 30 and the Arctic Monkeys single plummeting about twenty places.

There aren't really any albums out this week that make us think "we should really tell our loyal readers about these works of art". So, there's just this...


'Box N Locks' by Mpho

We thought this had already been released but it hasn't, hence it's appearance here. Mpho is from London, she's got oodles of 'spunk' and 'Box N Locks' is a very good summery pop single about 'real issues' (black musicians feeling pigeon-holed by mainstream media and record labels). If you don't believe that politics has a place in pop then you could always pretend it's a song about key cutting and general masonry.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

We're off...

for a few days. We'll be at the Latitude Festival with these guys:

Fingers crossed we'll be back in time for another exciting installment of New Musick Monday. We know how much you'd all miss it were it all to end suddenly.

If you're new to the blog please take this opportunity to have a snoop around. Why not read some of the award-winning (in our minds) 'journalism' or marvel at the sheer audacity of our prose. If you're Musick veterans then you could re-read some of your favourite bits and perhaps start an office quiz based on what you've learnt. If none of the above appeals then just refresh the page a lot so it looks like we've had plenty of hits whilst we were away. Laters.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Phraze out

Hands up who remembers The Strokes? OK, hands down. Hands up again if you can name their second and third albums...ah, I see. Well, just when we all thought it was safe to assume the band had reconvened to record their fourth album, news emerges that Julian Casablancas is to release a solo album this autumn.

The bizarrely titled Phrazes For The Young was written and arranged by Casablancas, produced by Jason Lader and Mike Mogis (the latter of Bright Eyes and The Concretes 'fame') and comes with this early-graphics-were-cool-in-Tron-type teaser trailer thing:

The music that accompanies the trailer is probably not what your average Strokes fan was expecting, but given the fact that Casablancas has recently been moonlighting with everyone from Pharrell Williams to Danger Mouse, it can't have been that surprising to find a dearth of rock guitars. Instead there's some vintage synths, a lovely noodly keyboard motif and some polite beats. There's a bit near the end where Casablancas steps up to the mic, a scene which caused the following comment from a youtube patron: "Julian.. you beautiful sonfobitch!" Sonfobitch indeed.

Bloc rockin' beats

Having watched most of Glastonbury and T In The Park from the relative comfort of a dusty flat in West London, we decided two things; 1). Flags are fucking annoying and 2). Bloc Party are much better live then they are on record. We mentioned new single 'One More Chance' a few weeks ago. Amazingly, the band have decided to film and release a short montage of images to accompany the song, we think in order to raise awareness of the single in the hope of it selling a few more copies. Pretty radical all told:

We read elsewhere that this video in some way reflected the band's new-found humour. To be honest, it's no Horne & Cordon. There's a fairly obvious David Lynch quality to it all and the guy at the beginning has some brilliant facial hair, but other then that we found very little to laugh about. Great song though. Look what can be achieved when you write a song with a chorus, a hook and a melody.

Monday, 13 July 2009

New Musick Monday

So, how well did we do last week then? Let's start with the bad news shall we? V.V. Brown's ridiculously catchy 'Shark In The Water' drowned (boom, boom, tish), wallowing at a lowly number 38. Given the fact the chart was littered with Michael Jackson releases and the lack of airplay from Radio 1 you could be forgiven for thinking it was an alright result. We'll have to wait and see how patient her label will be. On the album chart, however, Lungs by Florence & The Machine breathed new life (boom, boom, tish...tish) into her burgeoning career by crashing in at number 2. It also recorded the biggest first week sales for any debut album in 2009. Musick is literally keeping these artists afloat and will accept all forms of remuneration.

WARNING: It's a pretty slow week for new albums and though we enjoyed both of the following, they're what you might call 'patchy' yet 'promising'.


Travelling Like The Light by V.V. Brown

We're being unfair of course. There are some genuinely brilliant moments on this debut album, it's just that most of them are during the three singles she's already released. None of the album tracks - aside from the excellent Game Over - really come close to the immediate appeal of Leave!, Crying Blood or Shark In The Water, and as an album it lacks the depth of something like Amy Winehouse's Back To Black, which mined a similar retro-soul sound. BUT what it does have is personality, energy and a very talented young woman calling the shots. Amen to that.


Welcome To The Walk Alone by The Rumble Strips

How amazing is that front cover? That little dog is one double-hard Jack Russell. But we're not here to talk about dogs, we're here to talk about music and thankfully music is something The Rumble Strips have learnt to do much better then last time (2007's Girls and Weather album was as nondescript as that title suggests). Produced by Mark Ronson (you're cringing aren't you?), it contains a handful of well above average singalongs including recent single 'Not The Only Person', which is probably the only single written about knife crime that positively encourages a repeat performance due to the unseemly nature of female intervention. Sweet.


'Crying Lightning' by Arctic Monkeys

To be honest, it's all a bit of a struggle this week. If it's a struggle for us then we're assuming it's a struggle for you, so apologies. This single was mentioned the other day, it's very good and gets better the more you listen to it. It actually came out to download last week and is already at number 12 in the charts so it's all a bit pointless. Still, it's Tuesday tomorrow...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Home is where the heart is

As the dust begins to settle following the death of Michael Jackson, it's time to reflect on his career and what he's achieved. No, wait, sorry, I read that wrong, it's actually time to make ambulance chasing documentaries and release tribute singles. Like us, you probably sat open-mouthed during the memorial service last week. Some of it was genuinely moving, some of it slightly odd (John Mayer!?!), but in general it wasn't really weird enough. This was MICHAEL JACKSON, where were all the aged stars? Where was Diana Ross? Where was Bubbles? Yeah, yeah, he's too old now and too violent, but still, it's what MJ would have wanted.

What we should have witnessed was this lost gem performed live by La Toya Jackson. 'He's My Brother' isn't a new song, but is lyrically so perfect it would surely have brought the house down. "Bad or Thriller, he's still the man in the mirror"; "He's not bad"; "On stage he's electric, when he dances it's just like magic"; "When I'm alone and I need him, he's with me like lightning".

There's some kind of genius at work there.

Unfortunately, it's not the official Jackson family tribute single. Oh no, that honour lies with 'Home' a song La Toya first composed for her 2002 Startin' Over album. Yep, it's not a new song either, but, hey, the sentiment fits right?

The single is out on 28 July.

You wouldn't start a night like this...

You tend to assume that when you agree to go to a gig outdoors in July that you won't need an umbrella, a mac or one of those frightening looking all in one plastic dress things. Well, on Saturday night we watched Lily Allen at Somerset House beneath a black umbrella and though she was very entertaining, we were distracted by the umbrella war we got into with the people near us. Have you tried standing side-by-side with other people if you all have an umbrella up? It's not easy.

The gig coincides with a new single from Ms Allen in the shape of '22'. Each single from her second album It's Not Me, It's You has come with a cautionary tale; 'The Fear' was about celebrity obsession, 'Not Fair' was about premature ejaculation and '22' is about a young woman who wants to settle down and be loved but men think she's the local bike.

This is the video:

Basically, it's the musical equivalent of this:

Friday, 10 July 2009

Get a grip

Ever wanted to hear Right Said Fred's 'I'm Too Sexy' mixed with the worst bits of the Black Eyed Peas and Flo Rida? Yeah? What the hell is wrong with you? Ignoring all that, here's your opportunity, it's the new single by the Sugababes and it's called 'Get Sexy':

This band - though not this current incarnation - have been responsible for the following singles; 'Overload', 'Freak Like Me', 'Push The Button', 'About You Now' and a couple of other well above average pop songs. This new offering would have been rejected by the Pussycat Dolls for being too generic and you can't get much worse then that now can you readers?

Florence of Arabia

The other night Musick was witness to an EXCLUSIVE (open to anyone) gig for the launch of Florence & The Machine's new album, Lungs. The EXCLUSIVE (open to anyone) gig was held at the Rivoli Ballroom, which looked a little something like this:

It was like a whore's boudoir, only cleaner and less pungent.

Florence and her machine were in good form and I think the following photo goes some way to capturing the magic she was able to produce onstage:


There was also a bit near the end where she arched her back and nearly went into a crab position, which is better then La Roux and Little Boots combined and is probably why she got a Brit award and they didn't. We very nearly captured that moment in this photo here:

Wow. And you thought we were only good for tossing out a few words hither and dither. As you can see, we're pretty amazing photographers too.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lightning strikes thrice?

Remember when the Arctic Monkeys were like The Beatles or something? Getting mobbed at supermarkets, selling records by the lorry load, receiving plaudits for tying their laces. We like them, don't get it twisted, but it seems odd remembering how doolally everyone went. After all that Last Shadow Puppets malarkey, Alex Turner and his band of (not so) merry men are back with a new single, entitled 'Crying Lightning'.

The album, Humbug, was produced by Josh Homme from QOTSA and James Ford from Simian Mobile Disco, and from the swampy, bass-heavy dirge* that is 'Crying Lightning' we're assuming Homme had the reigns for this one. It sounds a bit non-descript first time round, there's no real chorus as such, and it's not as instant as all those old ones, but it gets better second time round. Nice pick 'n' mix-themed lyrics too. He's, like, a real poet, isn't he?

* in the nicest possible sense of that word.

Monday, 6 July 2009

New Musick Monday

There's very little need to rake over the trauma of the results of this week's chart positions. As has been widely reported both here and elsewhere, Michael Jackson's 'Man In The Mirror' was beaten to the number 1 spot by a track called 'Evacuate The Dancefloor' by Cascada. Investigations are currently underway and the chart police hope to have some answers soon. For the time being, all we ask is for your patience during these traumatic times. Elsewhere, La Roux's debut album shifted around 60,000 copies to enter at number 2, cementing her place at the top of the 'fingers-crossed-at-least-one-of-these-new-for-2009-acts-sells-some-records' league.


Lungs by Florence & The Machine

We're going to be honest right here and say we had huge reservations about Florence & The Machine. 'Kiss With A Fist' felt a bit too studied and mannered, whilst the image and the interviews created a kind of caricature of 'kooky'. Luckily, we're usually very wrong about most things, and Lungs is a fantastic debut that gets better with repeated listens. From the lush, harp-drenched 'Rabbit Heart' to the vein-popping emotion of 'Girl With One Eye' to the pure pop of 'Hurricane Drunk', it's an album that will surprise, enthrall and annoy in equal measure. Plus, she's brilliant live.


Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do by Major Lazer

For those not familiar with the concept behind Major Lazer, allow us to enlighten. Major Lazer is a one-armed Jamaican commando who battles the forces of darkness in a zombie war, whilst also running a night club. Said night club specialises in fusing dancehall with electro, or reggae with surf guitars, R&B with house, etc, etc. It's an intoxicating listen. In reality, the album is the work of producers Diplo and Switch, who have previously worked with acts like M.I.A, Santigold, Spank Rock and Tricky. Unlike the recently released N.A.S.A album (another producer-lead enterprise complete with starry line-up), Major Lazer have created an album that doesn't take itself too seriously. It also features some beats Missy would giver her left arm for (soz Missy. Call me yeah, we need to talk about that money you owe me).


'Shark In The Water' by V.V. Brown

Sometimes a simple, summery pop song is all it takes. 'Shark In The Water' is V.V. Brown's third single, and is the kind of three minutes that make you think, "wow, this would sound brilliant on the radio". Unfortunately, most radio stations seem to disagree, which given the bilge they do play is frankly astonishing. Brown has recently ranted at this mystery via Twitter, which at 140 characters only, somewhat inhibits her disbelief. Then again, "what the fuck" is only thirteen characters long and seems to sum it up.

Air o soul

For some French duo Air are simply the Moby it's OK to like. For others, their seminal album Moon Safari is the soundtrack to many a lazy Sunday morning, eating french toast and reading The Observer. For a minority of people, follow-up 10,000 Hz Legend was actually the point they got interesting, and the promise that forthcoming album, Love 2, means a return to Moon Safari-esque swoonsome pop may be a disappoint for these lonely few.

Anywho, they're back and are offering up the first fruits of their labour for free! The fools, has the recession not reached France? This is called 'Do The Joy' and is apparently not the actual first single, but rather a taster for what's in store come October. So, what is in store? Well, there's shimmering keyboards, vintage synths, a heavily treated vocal and the general sense that Air's beating heart exists below a pane of perspex.

You need to click here to enter your email to then get a code, which you'll need to put into a box on the iTunes store and then download the song. Alternatively, you can just buy it for 79p and get on with your life.

What about the elephants?

The death of Michael Jackson seems to have brought out the worst in some people. Not only do we have to endure rolling news coverage in which Jean from Tescos gets asked what she thought were the reasons behind his alleged addiction to prescription drugs, but there's also the tabloid headlines ('Jackson buried without his brain' was the low point of today's coverage). What about the music, man? Well, thankfully Jackson's hits are still taking up a fair amount of space in the UK top 75. Unfortunately, the great British public chose to buy the new single by Cascada as opposed to 'Man In The Mirror', preventing Jackson from having a posthumous number 1, for now at least.

But, what does this magnum opus sound like I hear you cry? Surely, it's some kind of pop classic to deny 'Man In The Mirror'? Well, it's not, it's this:

It's Lady GaGa for people who find the real thing that bit too complex. Cheers guys.

To make matter worse, one of Vampire Weekend and some other dude have joined 'forces' as Discovery. It's basically a way of creating modern-day R&B but in an ironic, too-clever-by-half kind of way. You probably won't understand it to be honest. Anyway, they've covered the Jackson 5 classic, 'I Want You Back'.

It's too early for Jackson to be turning in his grave, surely?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

High voltage

On Monday, in a rage, Musick twittered (yuk!) something almost rude about the lovely Björk, which, as anyone that knows us will understand, is not a common occurrence. The reason for our ire? She keeps bloomin' postponing the release of her new 2xCD, 2xDVD box set type thing, Voltaic. It was first mooted last year, then was due out in May, then June and now it's next Monday. Having risked dehydration on a tube to Covent Garden and then marched into Fopp expecting to be greeted with some deluxe artwork and gorgeous live songs, we were instead faced with the salty tang of disappointment.

But, fear not, because a guardian angel came to our rescue and SENT US A COPY! FOR FREE! EXCLUSIVE! Well, we do help out with something TOP SECRET in order to earn such luxuries, but if we told you we'd have to kill you. Needless to say, it was all worth the wait in the end.

Here's the brilliant 'Who Is It' taken from the Paris show that makes up one of the DVDs. Please note expensive-musical-instrument-fans that Damien Taylor from Björk's band is using a Tenori-on. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Little Boots.