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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Clips don't lie

"Shakira, Shakira"

Let's be honest, Shakira is as mad as a box of frogs who've been force fed Ecstasy tablets by a clown on roller skates. She's been away for too long, leaving the pop world a barren and less ridiculous place in her absence. Well, she's back now, with a video so awful that it's somehow one of the best things we've seen in the last decade.

First things first, that cave resembles a scene from Inner Space mixed with a '70s softcore porn film. The dancing is hilarious, like a strange mix of yoga and an anaphylactic shock. The bits on top of the building either represent the point where the money ran out (what did they spend it on!?), or it's some kind of statement on cheap horror films. Don't even get us started on what the shoulder popping malarkey is all about.

Nice to have you back Shakira (Shakira).

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