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Monday, 27 July 2009

New Musick Monday

OK, we're back after a well-earned break to bring you some more essential purchases for this week...only, it's not really us doing the recommending, you'll see. Last week we urged you to purchase Mpho's brilliant 'Box N Locks' and you know what, no-one did. Well, some people did seeing as it crawled into the chart at no. 49, but still, it hardly seems worth it. Shame on you all.

This week is another pretty barren week for albums, but there was one that caught our eye. Normally we'd fudge it, pretend we'd heard it and judge it based on the specific act's back catalogue. This time, however, we decided to get a real journalist involved, one that has actually heard the album. Ladies and gentleman, we introduce Jake Kennedy...


Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast by Cornershop

Eight years – eight long years since the last Cornershop album. Don’t giggle – lots of people have missed them, this writer included. Here’s a a duo with an ethos that hasn’t changed in the 18 years they’ve been together. To make boundary-free good time music – and Judy has it in spades. Their fifth album isn’t so much eclectic as schizophrenic.
There’s the usual T-Rex riffing 'Who Fingered Rock’n’Roll?'/'The Roll Off Characteristics', Rowetta-tinged funk 'The turned On Truth' and plenty of sweet ass little segues that make it feel more than just a 12” remix spread over an hour. A cover of 'The Mighty Quinn' sticks out as one question mark – at least when they did 'Norwegian Wood' it was in Punjabi – 'Quinn' here sounds a little bit like a step backwards. But everything else is vital sounding (although 2004’s 'Topknot', would have fitted well) – so yes, they’ve still got it.
There. I didn’t mention “Brimful” once….

Jake has a blog, which will one day house his stories. For now it's got some lovely photos on it. It's called Rubber Echoes.


The Best of Sandi Thom

Stretching the concept of a 'best of' to its absolute limits. Popjustice.com sum up the ridiculousness of it all better then we can so click here.


'Heartbreaker' by MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend

We nearly managed to palm the entire section off on to other people, but we thought it best to do some actual work of our own. This is a rather nice electropop ditty by two men who don't like vowels and who used to be in other bands but aren't anymore. The singing is done by a certain John Legend who has thus far failed to live up to his surname. This isn't going to change that, but it certainly is a diverting four minutes and that's probably all we can hope for right now. This is the video. We think the guy with the sunglasses on has taken some drugs, so don't let anyone who is easily offended walk down Camden High Street.

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