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Sunday, 12 July 2009

You wouldn't start a night like this...

You tend to assume that when you agree to go to a gig outdoors in July that you won't need an umbrella, a mac or one of those frightening looking all in one plastic dress things. Well, on Saturday night we watched Lily Allen at Somerset House beneath a black umbrella and though she was very entertaining, we were distracted by the umbrella war we got into with the people near us. Have you tried standing side-by-side with other people if you all have an umbrella up? It's not easy.

The gig coincides with a new single from Ms Allen in the shape of '22'. Each single from her second album It's Not Me, It's You has come with a cautionary tale; 'The Fear' was about celebrity obsession, 'Not Fair' was about premature ejaculation and '22' is about a young woman who wants to settle down and be loved but men think she's the local bike.

This is the video:

Basically, it's the musical equivalent of this:

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