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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Home is where the heart is

As the dust begins to settle following the death of Michael Jackson, it's time to reflect on his career and what he's achieved. No, wait, sorry, I read that wrong, it's actually time to make ambulance chasing documentaries and release tribute singles. Like us, you probably sat open-mouthed during the memorial service last week. Some of it was genuinely moving, some of it slightly odd (John Mayer!?!), but in general it wasn't really weird enough. This was MICHAEL JACKSON, where were all the aged stars? Where was Diana Ross? Where was Bubbles? Yeah, yeah, he's too old now and too violent, but still, it's what MJ would have wanted.

What we should have witnessed was this lost gem performed live by La Toya Jackson. 'He's My Brother' isn't a new song, but is lyrically so perfect it would surely have brought the house down. "Bad or Thriller, he's still the man in the mirror"; "He's not bad"; "On stage he's electric, when he dances it's just like magic"; "When I'm alone and I need him, he's with me like lightning".

There's some kind of genius at work there.

Unfortunately, it's not the official Jackson family tribute single. Oh no, that honour lies with 'Home' a song La Toya first composed for her 2002 Startin' Over album. Yep, it's not a new song either, but, hey, the sentiment fits right?

The single is out on 28 July.

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