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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Lift off!

OK, so every other music blog worth it's salt on the internet mentioned this album about three months ago, but here at Musick we like to take our time and make sure the product we're pushing is up to scratch. Of all the albums coming out in the first quarter of 2009, few will generate as much excitement (not to mention music press) as The Spirit Of Apollo by N.A.S.A. (aka producers Sam "Squeak E. Clean" Spiegel and Ze "DJ Zegon" Gonzales), which is out in February.

The album features a roll-call of musical talent so huge and varied that it may in fact be Pitchfork's wet dream in musical form. The combinations of artists is quite something - Karen O and Ol' Dirty Bastard, anyone? One of those people is dead, right? Here's the full list of contributors:

Kanye West
David Byrne
Karen O
Chuck D
Tom Waits
Kool Keith
Lykke Li
Method Man
Ghostface Killah
George Clinton
Lovefoxxx (from CSS)
Nick Zinner (from Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Spank Rock
One True Voice*
The short one from MN8*

* still unconfirmed

The reason Musick was holding back can be summed up in two words; Psyence Fiction. Back in 1999 UNKLE released their very own guest-filled opus, with James Laville (one half of UNKLE, along with DJ Shadow) talking it up to be the best thing since Vivaldi. Unfortunately, bar Thom Yorke, all the guests thought the same and the whole thing collapsed under the weight of its own importance.

BUT things are looking good for this project. Here's why...

'Gifted' features Kanye, Lykke Li AND Santogold, which in all fairness is Musick's wet dream right now. The song is - to use the parlance of the young - fuckin' bangin' ya hear?

You can download it for free right here and listen to 'Money' here.


  1. i don't like this song but i like the tom waits one. Well, the tom waits bit of the tom waits one. the kool keith bit is a bit bad. jk

  2. this song is messy. don't like it.