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Monday, 16 February 2009

Peek-a-boo, I see you

TV On The Radio's last album, Dear Science, was a joy to behold, a perfect blend of the experimental and the listenable. Our personal favourite was the keening, funky 'Golden Age', a song that featured more then a passing nod to a certain man called Prince.

The Invisible have taken 'Golden Age' as the sonic template for an entire album (not literally, if TVOTR's lawyers are reading this) and created a joyful, expansive debut album that flits from the mesmeric single 'London Girl' to the cacophony of beats that is 'Climate Revelation'. 'Monsters Waltz' could well be the song to break them, all wobbly bass, cooing backing vocals and some delicious wah-wah guitars.

The three-piece, hailing from London, are signed to the increasingly excellent Accidental label and describe their music as "experimental genre-spanning space-pop" (i.e. it's all over the bloody shop, but in a good way).

Click here for more info.

The self-titled album is out on March 2nd.

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