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Monday, 9 February 2009

Jizzery Pokery

Many music critics believe Radiohead to be the best band in the world. These critics pick up on their unflinching focus on progressing their sound, on constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to what can be achieved in music. There have been a few bands that have come close to stealing their crown - TV On The Radio, Muse, Coldplay - but none have run them so close as this next band.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Lonely Island and their debut, INCREDIBAD.

Most of you would have heard this seminal piece of music:

Maybe you've heard this complex, almost dadaist ditty:

Well, The Lonely Island have pulled out all the stops on this next track, calling in a favour from The Strokes frontman, Julian Casablancas, who clearly understands the level these guys are working on. He lends his vocals to the chorus of INCREDIBAD's highlight, 'Boombox', and simultaneously adds another layer of kudos to the proceedings. Other notable guests on the album include Natalie Portman, T-Pain and Norah Jones.

Seriously though, it's funny now, but how many times could you actually listen to it without wanting to gnaw off your own ears?

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