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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Kate Winslet

Peter Doherty (not Pete, but Peter. It's more grown-up, he's a serious artist, OK) is set to release his debut solo album in March, and has decided to release a single beforehand, in order to promote it. The album is called Grace / Wastelands, and this here single is called 'Last Of The English Roses'.

Here at Musick we seem to think this lad Doherty might make something of himself, just as long as he stays off the drugs, avoids supermodels and steers clear of amateur musicians in tin-pot bands. This is a relatively low-key shuffle, not exactly immediate, but the melodica's nice and it has a sweetly skewed charm.

The album was produced by Stephen Street and features guitar from Graham Coxon and backing vocals from Dot Allison. Unfortunately, the members of Babyshambles were allowed in to record some of the backing tracks, but we're hoping they were 'deleted'.

The album's out on 16 March.

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