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Monday, 23 February 2009

Heavy petting

For anyone that had the misfortune of watching last weeks Brit Awards, first let me offer my sincere condolences. I can only hope that you have since recovered. During what seemed like 2 days worth of Duffy-loving, there were two performances that rose above mediocre and sidled up next to 'very good indeed'. The first was Girls Aloud, who at least had the audacity to bring some fun and sense of drama to the proceedings, and the Pet Shop Boys, who fully deserved their Lifetime Achievement Award, or whatever it was officially called.

Not sure if you know, but the latter are back with a new single, entitled 'Love Etc.', the first single to be taken from the Xenomania-produced album, Yes. This here is the official video, which is kind of like a camp Pacman meets Sonic The Hedgehog at an early nineties rave. Lots of colour, which is always nice on a Monday.

A friend of mine - who shall remain nameless for his own sake - said that he hated the Pet Shop Boys more then he hated M People. Now, I don't know about you dear reader, but I think there should be laws against that kind of nonsense.


  1. Your friend is correct. I HATE pet shop boys as well

  2. PSB make duffy looks good