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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Do not adjust your screens!

We haven't featured Kanye West on this blog for, oh, about a month, so with that in mind we decided to do a little feature on his new video. Say what you want about Kanye (and let's be honest, it won't matter what you say, the guy's got an ego the size of Katy Brand), the man's got talent and is probably the only interesting superstar in musicville right now.

Last year's 808s & Heartbreak album didn't exactly set the charts alight in this country, but it's steadily cemented itself in the US Top 10 and has succeeded in ruffling some bling (can you ruffle bling? Er, no) in the hip hop fraternity.

'Welcome To Heartbreak' features up and coming young rapper Kid Cudi and has a rather interesting video. You know when you're young and you're trying to watch an old VHS tape - perhaps it's got some vintage porn on it, perhaps an old episode of Eastenders - and the whole thing crackles and scenes seem to run over the top of other scenes and the whole thing bleeds across the screen? Yeah? That's the look Kanye's gone for. It's liable to give older viewers a brain tumour.

Now then, bloggers have been 'up in arms' or 'mildly irate' or 'a bit bored' about the fact that Kanye's video bares a slight similarity to that of 'Evident Utensil' by Chairlift (they had a song on an iTunes advert). What do you think?

However, Musick can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that this video here started the phenomenon in August 2007! The song, however, is an appalling abomination.

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