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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Phoenix from the flames

Madames et monsieurs, Phoenix are back!

Pause for applause...

What do you mean, who? Jeez. Phoenix are French, make deceptively catchy pop ditties, one of them is going out with Sofia Coppola, they're friends with uber-chic fashion designer Hedi Slimane and no-one really liked their last album, 2006's It's Never Been Like This. But a lot of cool people enjoyed their debut, United, which birthed the perfect pop of 'Too Young'.

But fear not mes amis (GCSE French is flooding back), because the four-piece are back with '1901', which you can currently download for FREE (without even having to hand over an email address for pity's sake) from here.

The song is a synth-heavy (or made to sound synth-heavy, it might just be guitars), almost glam reading of some lost Strokes single, with singer Thoams Mars even doing his best to sound utterly disinterested in a way good ol' Julian Casablancas would be proud of. '1901' is taken from the forthcoming album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which was co-produced by one of Cassius.

C'est magnifique (sorry...)

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