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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Wanna be in their gang?

Peter, Bjorn & John are mainly known for 'Young Folks', a single so infectious it was re-released on three occasions and still managed to sound as fresh as Craig David's Reeboks. Well, they thought they'd record some new stuff in the vague hope it will stop people coming up to them in the street and whistling in their faces.

'Nothing To Worry About' is the first single from Living Thing, their third album (or is it their fourth? Wikipedia will know, but I can't be bothered to check right now. I can't do all the work for you, it's a collaboration). It's obviously not as instant as 'Young Folks' but it has a breezy, laid-back charm and the kids choir is oddly uplifting in a non-paedophilic way.

The video is perfection:

We know Kanye blogged on this weeks ago, but he has far more time on his hands then we do.

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