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Monday, 16 February 2009

Bit of blue

Whilst rummaging around in a box marked 'CD's at work, Musick swiped a five track album sampler by Blue Roses, aka Laura Groves, simply because it had the XL Recordings logo on it. Expecting either some electronic noodling or a bunch of Americans destroying some guitars, we were pleasantly surprised to find five delicate, beautifully strummed folk songs, anchored by a voice as unique as it is strangely familiar. NOTE: The CD didn't have a photo on it. I didn't see a picture of a woman and STILL expect to hear some guys, obv.

'Does Anyone Love Me Now?' is the highlight, a swirling, fragile opener that features Groves voice multi-tracked to create a choir. Elsewhere, 'I Wish I...' is over six minutes of violin-assisted beauty and 'Doubtful Comforts' ends things with what sounds like a music box disintegrating.

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