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Monday, 9 February 2009

13 Step

It was something of a surprise to see Radiohead (well, two of them at least) turn up at The Grammys to perform a unique interpretation of In Rainbows highlight, '15 Step'. First of all, In Rainbows came out over a year ago and has long since given up the ghost in terms of 'shifting units'. Secondly, award shows are hardly in Radiohead's comfort zone and The Grammys is a particularly glitzy* and stuffy affair (despite the attempts to connect with the yoof by nominating M.I.A, Lil' Wayne and the, er, Jonas Brothers, etc, the act collecting the most awards was Robert Plant and Alison Krauss).

Anyway, perhaps Radiohead just wanted to mess around with a song they've probably performed thousands of times on tour. With just Thom on vocals and 'dancing', Jonny on guitar, and the USC Marching Band taking care of the beat, '15 Step' became a gloriously messy affair, complete with blaring horns, guitar feedback and Thom's 'studio' hair.

*Gwyneth Paltorow introduced this performance!

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