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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Digital Monsters

You can't get enough of all these new bands right? Me neither. They just keep coming...

Next up are Micachu & The Shapes, a fairly crumpled amalgam of people playing broken instruments and what looks like bits of old cardboard. They're signed to dance music pioneer Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records imprint and the man himself has produced their debut album, Jewellery. People (critics) throw around phrases about bands not fitting into pigeonholes or splicing genres and for this band that's about right. Micachu is a former MC who likes grime but plays an acoustic guitar at their gigs and they will annoy as much as entertain I'm sure. Needless to say Dazed & Confused and ID will LOVE them, but for once that shouldn't matter.

Here's 'Lips':

You can listen to recent single 'Golden Telephone' here, and it's really rather good. 'Turn Me Weller', also on their myspace, features the sound of a hoover at the beginning. A hoover! Those crazy scamps.

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