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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Music, makes the people...

possibly a bit giddy.

You know when you go on myspace to listen to a band there's that bit that describes what kind of music they make. It will say something like 'pop' or 'indie', or if the band have an overtly obvious sense of fun it will say 'gabba' or 'polka' when actually they sound like The Kooks.

Well, Music Go Music have hit the nail on the head with theirs. It reads "Melodramatic Pop Song" and should be underlined twice in red marker pen. 'I Walk Alone' is pure ABBA Gold, whilst the near ten minutes of 'Warm In The Shadows' is deliciously funky. 'Light Of Love' is reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian if they'd OD'd on amyl nitrate (well, not OD'd obviously, but certainly overdone things).

Unfortunately, Music Go Music don't have anything on youtube, but you can listen to four songs on their myspace and purchase them (and more besides) on iTunes.

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