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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Charidee case

Music and charity are of course long-term bedfellows. There's Comic Relief, Children In Need and X Factor, all raising money and awareness for the marginalised. War Child is another worthy cause that fuses the enjoyment of music with the raising of cash and what makes it even more rewarding is that the music is usually of a very high standard.

Heroes: Vol. 1 is out on Monday and features fifteen acts covering songs made famous by some of music's 'heroes'. The twist is that the heroes in question personally picked the acts they wanted to cover their song, so you get Beck covering a Bob Dylan track, Hot Chip doing Joy Division and Lily Allen molesting The Clash (musically speaking). The Kooks also feature, but you can't have everything, plus it's for charity remember.

As a little taster, here's TV On The Radio's amazing version of Bowie's "Heroes":

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