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Sunday, 26 April 2009

YYYs at SBE like WOW

Last night Musick was invited to watch Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Shepherd's Bush Empire. When we say 'invited' we mean we handed over £20 and were then handed some tickets and asked to turn up at a certain time. The whole thing was pretty unbelievable. There was a ticker tape explosion, an inflatable eyeball, Karen O in a corset, Nick Zinner's hair and 'all the hits' ('Pin', 'Zero', 'Y Control', 'Maps', 'Gold Lion', etc.).

Karen O arrived wearing this:

There's a clearer photo here

It's basically an all-in-one shorts ensemble with a corset, some rope and a pink headdress that lights up. But please don't take our word for it (we are merely novices), no, please take note of what Trinny & Susannah had to say when we saw them earlier:

Musick: Hi Trinny & Susannah

Trinny: Hi...no Susannah, not now

Musick: Everything OK? Can you look at this picture of Karen O? What do you think of her outfit?

Trinny: Wow, I mean, is she a man or a woman? It does absolutely nothing for her figure whatsoever. She needs to add some statement jewellery, maybe a long cardigan and some wedges. Also, everyone knows vertical lines are so last season...look Susannah, just stop it OK!

Musick: What's happening?

Susannah: Touch my tits...go on, touch them...just grab one, cup it, squeeze it...can I squeeze yours?

Musick: Er, thanks ladies.

EDIT: We forgot to mention that when we were there we saw an elderly couple sat up on the balcony with their fingers in their ears and grimaces on their faces throughout the show, who may or may not have been Karen O's mum and dad! Bless.

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