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Monday, 13 April 2009

New Musick (Bank Holiday) Monday

This extended weekend is about Jesus, not music. Hence this shortened version of everyone's favourite weekly music update. Can we just point out that since La Roux featured a few weeks ago their single has risen to number 4. Coincidence? Yes.


Dark Days/Light Years by Super Furry Animals

OK, so we haven't heard all of this album yet, but given this Welsh beat combo are one of the most consistent bands around we're guessing it's at least 'very good'. The album features the guitarist from Franz Ferdinand rapping in German on a song about trams...HELLO! Go and buy this now.


'Better Off As Two' by FrankMusik

BIG pop song from the eternally 'about to be huge' FrankMusik, that we mentioned here. Co-produced by Stuart Price, this song has all the plinky-plonky electro nuggets that are de rigueur, plus his voice is laced with emotion and not robotic like some people we could mention. Erm, none spring to mind actually.

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