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Thursday, 30 April 2009

The XXits are here, here and here

We were meant to do something on The XX ages ago when we first got sent the single ("stole the single"). But what happened was we listened to it but thought it was all a bit 'meh'. Nice and that, but a bit slow and it didn't grab us by the ears and give us a snog with tongues so we set it down and forgot about it. Then we started to read stuff about them, felt a bit jealous, listened to it some more and realised what fools we'd been.

The band are all incredibly young (19 to be specific) and hail from, er, Putney. They all share an obsession with American R'n'B, with singer Oliver (he of the amazing quiff/flat top) claiming to be influenced by the sounds of Aaliyah, Ginuwine and Mariah Carey. Don't expect any Timbaland-esque beats or booty shakin' in the video (in fact they barely move their mouths let alone their asses), but the influence is there somewhere.

Here's 'Crystalised':

Hypnotic isn't it? Their next single is a cover of 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua...

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