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Monday, 27 April 2009

New Musick Monday

Culturally, this is pretty significant now, this feature. Tastemakers are tuning in, scoping out the next big things, loading up their iPods with songs based on what we're saying right here. It's big, it's influential, it's all in our minds.


True Romance by Golden Silvers

Warning, this album doesn't have any guitars on it! I know, madness. What it does have is lashings of keyboards, some skewed time signatures, a charismatic frontman and a stone cold classic in the shape of this.


'Love You Better' by The Maccabees

This is just a really lovely song. It's a man ballad. Lots of shimmering guitars, pained vocals, paranoid tension and no release, and the fact it sounds slightly like an Arcade Fire song is OK because it's not actually an Arcade Fire song. You get me?


'Music' For The People by The Enemy

We all know this album is going to go down in recent history as the defining moment in music. It's almost pointless talking about it's qualities so let's ignore them and get about re-designing the cover, which, lets be honest is a bit :-( Email us your re-designs to mcragg@hotmail.com. The winner gets a chocolate bar of their choice, signed by the band.

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