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Monday, 27 April 2009

Little hands

As you well know by now, Little Boots has a new single out, the electro-glam stomp, 'New In Town'. It now has it's own visual accompaniment in the form of this odd video, which seems to show three things; homelessness, drug dealing and sex through the prism of choreography.

We've heard the album, Hands, and it's BIG POP. The NME seem to see this as a bit of a bad thing, but despite what the above video seems to suggest, she's never been 'arty' or 'difficult', it's always been about catchy hooks and big choruses. One song, 'Remedy', should basically be this years British Eurovision Entry. Other highlights include 'Earthquake', 'Meddle' and the Phil Oakey duet, 'Symmetry'.

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