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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Get on your boots

We've mentioned Little Boots before but we're not linking to it because it seems a bit pointless given the fact she's appeared on every blog, in every magazine and every broadsheet for the past few months. In fact, this blog entry is utterly superfluous, so apologies in advance.

Given all the hoopla surrounding Little Boots, it's worth mentioning that 'New In Town' is her first official release. Thanks to the joys of twitter we now know that her debut album is finished, that it should feature a lot of Greg Kurstin productions and perhaps a smattering of Max Martin. 'New In Town' is a Goldfrapp-esque electropop stomp that's slightly slower then the stuff we've heard so far. Perhaps not an obvious single choice at first, it soon reveals itself to be as catchy as an STD at an under-18s foam party.


Expect there to be a lot of official remixes for this song when it's released in May.

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