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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Roux you looking at?

We just missed the chart rundown so this information may not be correct, but at one point this week La Roux was on course to be number 1 with her second single, 'In For The Kill'. Not bad for a song that was ignored by Radio 1 upon it's release and was only put on their playlist after it entered the top 10. Another shining example of Radio 1 being at the 'forefront of new music'. It's especially mind boggling seeing as La Roux finished in the top 5 of their Sound of 2009 poll thingy.

Anyway, 'In For The Kill' is evidence that good songs can still chart well simply off the back of being good songs and that word of mouth is still a strong marketing tool (all those magazine and broadsheet articles probably helped a bit). 'Bulletproof' is the next single taken from their debut album (released in June) and can be heard right here in its finished form.

Vocally it's all a bit calmer than 'In For The Kill', which has had some music blogs up in arms, with words like 'Marmite' being banded around. We're not sure what this means. We can only assume that La Roux, like us, is allergic to the evil stuff. 'Bulletproof' is another sleek, hook-laden, 80s-referencing pop ditty that should set things up nicely for the album.

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