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Friday, 10 April 2009

Scientific reviews alert!

There have been three albums taking up space on our office stereo this past week. They are Yeah Yeah Yeahs' It's Blitz!, the self-titled debut by Fever Ray and the brand new Patrick Wolf album, The Bachelor. The latter isn't out until June but we EXCLUSIVELY got our hands on a promo copy. We were at a party, drinks were drunk, drugs were, er, drugged and we met some people who know some people. (OK, we found it in a box marked FREE CDS on the floor in an office).

We wanted to somehow reflect the way albums can grow on you, or, alternatively, the way you can start by loving an album and then slowly go off it. We slaved over this for all of ten minutes:

God, it's a bit small. Er, sorry, not sure how Paint works!

Anyway, as you can see the Fever Ray album is a bit of a grower, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs one sounded a bit better at the start and The Bachelor dipped and then rose again. All in all, it's an 8/10.

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