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Friday, 10 April 2009

Annie old iron

For the two long-term Musick fans, Annie will be a name that carries only a whiff of familiarity. We mentioned before that her second album, Don't Stop, had been pushed back to October 2008 following some problems with her label. Well, the album never surfaced, Annie parted company with her employers, the songs have mostly been scrapped and it was all quite sad.

But fear not Nordic pop fans! Annie is back with this delicious slice of Italian disco*, entitled 'Anthonio':

It's about a holiday romance. This helpful video allows you to sing along. All together now, "was I ever more than just a face in the crowd?"

Hopefully a new album will be out later this year and will feature production from Richard X, Paul Epworth and perhaps some Xenomania tracks, depending on what Annie can wrestle from her old label.

* OK, she's Norwegian, but apparently 'Italian Disco' is a genre now. We don't make the rules.

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