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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Clipse round the ear

Fears have been growing for Kanye West of late. First, there's the monumental ego that has gone from faintly ridiculous to off the scale annoying. Then he decided to stop rapping and sing through what sounded like a plastic tube. This month South Park lampooned him in an episode about gay fish (!?), which he initially applauded for showing him the error of his (arrogant) ways, and then retracted that comment and ended up back where he started.

But, when he's not designing trainers or updating his blog, he's got a knack of showing up on some pretty amazing music. Clipse have been mentioned here before, and the majority of you might know them from 'Like I Love You', Justin Timberlake's debut single. Well, they're back with this, the aptly titled 'Kinda Like A Big Deal', with Kanye delivering a typically modest verse.

It's the first single taken from Clipse's third album, Till The Casket Drops and is produced by DJ Khalil. I believe the phrase you're looking for is "off the hook".

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