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Friday, 24 April 2009

Oh, the Horror(s)

been going head over black as night heels for The Horrors and their imminent second album, Primary Colours. Musick has yet to receive their promo copy from XL but we can only imagine that was some terrible administrative error and that some poor work experience person has since been garroted, filleted and fried. We want them to know they're forgiven (by the by, EVERYONE else seems to have got their copy. Even my Mum got one from her friend Barbara from the market who stole hers from Uncle Fred the 'babysitter').

Anyway, we are not here to merely encourage free CDs be sent out, but rather to promote good music. This is definitely good music. The video is also rather nice too, which, as ever, is a bonus.

Being 'cool' is essentially meaningless of course, but they are, aren't they? Better then this pile of steaming excrement anyways...

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