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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hurts with every Heartbeat

Whilst doing some other writing stuff for other people, we stumbled upon a Swedish duo called Lake Heartbeat. Being Swedish essentially means they're guaranteed to be a). not exactly ugly and b). pretty good at making irresistible pop melodies. Seeing as there are no photos of either them on their myspace page, we can neither confirm or deny their relative aesthetic merits, but we can confirm that their album Trust In Numbers is a very nice listen indeed.

Produced by Dan Lissvik - who also worked on the recent Taken By Trees album - it's all '80s keyboard rushes, padded drums and heavily-accented lyrics about falling out of love. It's "misery pop" as only the Swedes can do. This is the first single, 'Mystery':

If you don't like it then fear not, it's only the fourth best song on the album. If you do like it then you'll be pleased to hear it's only the fourth best song on the album.

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