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Monday, 19 October 2009

New moon rising

Not sure if you guys are aware but there are these books, right, and in them are words about vampires, Mormons, love and death and all that kind of stuff. Somewhere along the line someone decided to turn these books into films in order to create great art and perhaps make a few bucks to keep food on the table. MONEY WASN'T A MOTIVE. They cast some hunky young men and some beautifully kooky women and sat back and waited for the awards. None arrived, but the soundtrack entered at number 1 in America and sold a lot more then people expected. So, they've decided to make another film and luckily there's another book to base it on and this time they've really gone all out on the soundtrack in the hope that even more people will get to understand the art.

Big literature fan and all-round film buff Thom Yorke has contributed this rather catchy ditty, entitled 'Hearing Damage':

Whilst Lykke Li has created what we can now call a 'fangtastic' ballad, 'Possibility':

In all seriousness, both these songs are top drawer, with Yorke's even having a hummable chorus and the advantage of not sounding like a headache. We see this soundtracking the bit in the film where the hunky vampire has a bit of a bad day. Lykke Li's effort is glacial, dreamy and very lovely and this will of course be played over someone dying or musing their existence.

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