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Monday, 5 October 2009

Something from the Weekend

Well, this is a lovely surprise. Those kind folk over at Vampire Weekend HQ have decided to allow their fans the chance to download their new single, 'Horchata', for free. All you need do is part with your email address. BUT if you'd rather not get lots of emails you'll never read, why not just listen to it below in this rather handy player type thing.

EDIT: the pissing thing isn't working! Click here instead.

It's certainly a bit of a departure, although the basic elements are still in place; lots of love for African rhythms, Ezra Koenig's slightly befuddling lyrics and a canny way of not really having an obvious chorus but somehow having more than one. Also, there are no guitars, which is hardly experimental, but weird when you think about the debut's reliance on those spidery guitar lines. It's also about five songs in one and has clearly been influenced by their keyboardist having a little dalliance with electronica via Discovery. It's a thumbs up from us!

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