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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Beth test

When we first saw a picture of Beth Jeans Houghton, all doe-eyed and trussed up like Pete Doherty's female self, we weren't impressed. Tsk, another beautifully androgynous singer-songwriter who will get loads of column inches thanks to her look and not her music, we thought to ourselves (unfairly). Then we saw another picture of her in a newspaper and she looked like Lily Savage, if Lily Savage had been set upon by a pack of ferrets. We were confused and mildly aroused so we decided to probe further and low and behold, Beth Jeans Houghton is pretty ruddy good at this making music lark.

This is a video for the lead track on her new EP, Hot Toast Vol. 1. The song is called 'I Will Return I Promise' and it's rather lovely:

Her boob blinked! Skillful. Hot Toast Vol. 1 is five songs long and costs about £3 on iTunes. It doesn't take a mathematician (or Lily Allen) to tell you that that's pretty good value. All five tracks are better than the entire musical output of The Enemy, Hard-Fi and Kasabian.

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