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Thursday, 15 October 2009

All out of love?

This is the new video for Florence & The Machine's new single 'You Got The Love'. It's not a new song of course, but rather it's what people call a cover version. It's a bit of tough one really because on the one hand it's going to be all over Radio 1 and will boost album sales, but on the other it's not really the right choice for a single in terms of 'pleasing your existing fans'. That would have been 'Cosmic Love' or 'Hurricane Drunk'.

It also raises some very serious issues (please put on your serious issues face...done? Good, let's continue...) about 'female singers being a bit like strippers'. There's a comment under the video from Mazumune that reads thusly:

Florence I love your music and everything about you but I really am worried where they are making you go.. lots of stripping and sexy dancing, i want to see more folksy storylines in your vids like dog days and rabbit heart, drumming was good in the cathedral but should of had more of a storyline.

and i say this as a genuine fan thats followed you since you were singing covers

Some very serious issues indeed. But what do you think? Too much cheek and leg on show? Or, are we thinking that perhaps she wanted to dress like that in the video that's clearly paying homage to certain era of Studio 54 and disco, etc?


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