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Monday, 5 October 2009

Ancient Marina

Marina, Marina, tell me have you seen her? What? We've mentioned Marina & The Diamonds a few times before (she even graced us with an interview...of sorts), and now she's just about ready to start her onslaught on the charts. Having recently signed to 679 (home to Little Boots), she's decided to revamp an old b-side as her first proper single. "Revamp an old b-side? That doesn't sound too promising" we hear you say, but fear not because the b-side could have been an a-side and now it will be. It's called 'Mowgli's Road' and it sounds like this:

It's not changed too much; just added some extra "cuckoos", done away with the longer intro and outro and generally just been given a good spit and polish. It will available to buy on the 2 November and there's even a video being filmed right about now.

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