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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Girls Allowed

Last Monday we asked you to buy Girls debut album, er, Album. We have to confess that at the time we hadn't actually heard it, just the odd song here and there on myspace and such like. We are well aware that we let ourselves down, but what hurts the most is that we let you guys down. We can only apologise and hope that one day, when the time comes, our Lord and saviour will look at us with pity and let us through the gates to Heaven.

In the meantime, let's celebrate the fact that we now have a copy of the album and it's a brilliant piece of work that makes us simultaneously happy and sad (sappy!?). Each song is suffused with an aching sadness that can probably only come from living your life in a religious cult, where-in you watched your older brother die due to lack of care and your mum forced into prostitution. Add to that a recent break-up and you're somewhere near where singer Christopher Owens is coming from.

Here are two videos they've made (with a little help from director Aaron Brown), for two of the album's highlights. This is the epic 'Hellhole Ratrace', which is accompanied by some footage that at first seems nothing more than a night out with VICE magazine, but is ultimately really beautiful:

This one is for the new single, 'Lust For Life', and has more bedraggled but beautiful people in it, this time they're lip-syncing along to things like "I wish I had a boyfriend/ I wish I had a loving man in my life":

A to the M to the A to the Z...you get the message.

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