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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Interview: Marina & The Diamonds

Welcome to the second interview in our searing investigation into what makes modern pop stars tick. It's also a handy way of reminding everyone that Musick is 1 year old and still going strong despite falling readership and general ennui.

Marina & The Diamonds is just one person but that one person is enough to send this music blog into a bit of a tailspin with each new song we hear. We did a thing on her new single 'I Am Not A Robot', which she must have read because this is what she had to say:

Hahahaha.. Anyone who creates a loose link between myself and Sabrina deserves an interview

Oh, you're too kind Marina. So, here's some more insightful probing...

1).Musick is 1 year old this month. In our first year, the world has plummeted into a deep global recession. Coincidence?

No, moron. My blog started. I am responsible for the recession if anything.

2).January 2009 was particularly depressing. We got through it by eating lots of oatmeal and raisin cookies. How did you survive?

I ate a lot of toast. Plus pretended that I was rich and went and walked (didn't buy anything) around Harrods every day for one week.

3).A friend of ours received a bottle of beer and a condom for his twelfth birthday. Which of all your birthdays so far was the most enjoyable and why?

My 18th. Because my broken-home-family all got together and we celebrated in traditional family style. It was such heaven. My family is not really broke, just amicably separate.

4).We're sending out EXCLUSIVE party bags as part of our celebrations. Which sweet would you expect to see in a party bag worthy of the name?

The bobbly pink or blue sweet, often found in liquorice allsorts. Or the chewy giant strawberries you can buy for 5p in newsagents. (WHAT a rip off).

5).At a friend's birthday party one year we accidentally stood in a puddle of wee after some over excitement on their part. Have you ever been embarrassed to the point of wanting to die?

No. Except for this one time when I was busy bleaching my moustache and i stood by the window. AnD THr bUiLdErS FrOm NeXt DoOr sAw mE!!! (capital letters singers own)

Thanks Marina. We're assuming you didn't mean the moron bit!?

So, this is her myspace page. It features some rather brilliant songs on it, which is handy.

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