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Sunday, 13 September 2009

New artist: Mayor Hawthorne

True story: when we were young and were first exposed to 'Mmmbop' by Hanson we were pretty sure it was a rather large black woman doing the singing. Just imagine our surprise when we found out it was actually three little blonde kids with scraggly hair and ruddy cheeks. Something similar happens when you listen to Mayer Hawthorne, who describes his sound as Otis Redding meets J Dilla and looks like this:

This is his recently released, limited edition single 'Just Ain't Gonna Work Out', which was released as a heart-shaped vinyl. If you look very closely (i.e. not very closely at all), you'll see said vinyl make an appearance in this here video:

It doesn't look like that sound could come out of his mouth does it? Perhaps Derren Brown is involved somehow.

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