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Sunday, 20 September 2009

It's not just a Phraze

A little while ago we did a thing about the return of Julian Casablancas following a few years hanging out in New York generally avoiding doing any new stuff for The Strokes. The album Casablancas has made is called Phrazes For The Young and we were all warned it was a bit of a departure. Basically, guitars were out and keyboards were very much in.

Well, the first fruits of his labour have emerged in the form of new single, the brilliant '11th Dimension'. WARNING: Do not listen to this expecting to hear something like 'Last Nite':

Woah. It's a multi-layered, synth shagging, processed-guitar type pop behemoth and will no doubt split fans of The Strokes right down the middle. We especially love how it ends up being a completely different song at the end to that which fizzes into view at the beginning. Most importantly, it sounds like Casablancas is having a ball too, his voice more strident and engaging then he appears on some of The Strokes latter material. There's even a bit where he just goes "woah" for no reason! And a keyboard breakdown!

You can't please everyone though. This was left under the video on youtube:
"what the hell is this scandelous (sic) peice (sic) of crap"


  1. I thought you might. Looking forward to the album A LOT. It comes out on my birthday don't you know, m