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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

What's on our generic MP3 player...

Let's have a little look at what's been playing in the Musick office* this week shall we?
* By office we mean house in North London, but it sounds less prosaic.

Chew Lips 'Salt Air'

Arty three piece alert! Chew Lips probably live together in a basement flat in Shoreditch, tripping over various drug paraphernalia and generally being MUCH COOLER THAN YOU OR I. But, they also make killer electropop nuggets like this one, which is a). very catchy and b). very catchy. Singer Tigs has a voice that is simultaneously detached and weirdly soulful. We reckon she's pretty scary 'in real life'.

Dirty Projectors 'Cannibal Resource'

We've mentioned this lot before but we've only recently found the time (and the money) to purchase they're new album, Bitte Orca. We deeply regret the time we lost with this album as it's one of the better things 2009 has birthed. Full of angular time signatures and glorious harmonies, it's a captivating listen, even if on first listen it all sounds like a bit of a mess. This version of 'Cannibal Resource' was recorded for the David Letterman show, which is amazing when you think our equivalent is Reverend & The Makers on Jonathan Ross...

The Raveonettes 'Last Dance'

The Raveonettes have always been one of those bands that you listen to and are automatically confronted by their influences and rather than continue to listen you go off and play songs by those bands instead. Luckily, 'Last Dance' (which you can download for free from here) is a lovely, typically moody four minutes that seems to be about the perils of loving a junkie. We've all been there, right? It even features some "oh, oh, oh" bits, which sound AMAZING in a hospital ward when you're loved one slips into a coma.

Oasis 'Don't Look Back In Anger'

We will not forget. It was a sad day for music when Oasis decided they could no longer muster the strength to re-hash their former glories and schlep the dead horse around festival sites across Europe. We literally can't believe they're gone. Fingers crossed bands like The Courteeners, The Enemy and The Twang can continue their legacy and deliver the music we all deserve. Thank you Liam, thank you Noel.

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