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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Roux do you think you are?

Just in time for that Mercury prize malarkey next week, everyone's favourite haircut, La Roux, is back with a new single, 'I'm Not Your Toy'. Nothing too newsworthy in that you might think, but just wait until you see the video, which is simultaneously baffling, amazing, pointlessly arty and visually arresting.

Things to look out for:

- The young kid with the most expressive face you'll ever see (those eyebrows!)
- Some nifty eye movements from what looks like a giant melon
- A dog with two collars on
- Some dancing from Miss La Roux herself, complete with actual smile
- The immortal line "das ist der absolut hammer" spoken down an imaginary telephone in a living room whilst La Roux's head spins round on the table
- !?!


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