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Monday, 21 September 2009

They're like buses

You wait for about thirty minutes in the pissing rain for one to come and then two arrive at the same time. Buses are notoriously unreliable. Thom Yorke is not unlike a bus in this respect. Here is another music video, this time for the glitchy, vaguely haunting 'The Hollow Earth':

The video features artwork from underground graffiti artist Banksy. Not sure if you would have heard of him, he's not really been covered in the press too much.

'The Hollow Earth' is released as a limited 12" today but can also be downloaded (not a word) from the Members area of Radiohead.com once you've ordered the vinyl. It will then be available from all the usual download places from 6 October. It's a double a-side with this, 'FeelingPulledApartByHorses':

Not good to listen to with a headache, but pretty amazing nonetheless (the last three minutes are OMG, like, LOL, so good). Fingers crossed there will be some home video footage of Thom cooking a veggie lasagna or something tomorrow.

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